why ‘bike fit’?

We are here to help you with

  • Greater comfort for weekend rides.
  • Working on your race position.
  • Analysis of your position on the bike.

We look at

  • The overall picture of you on your bike.
  • Your contact points with your bike.
  • How you move on and off your bike.

The Fit Process

  • In fact the process starts before you arrive, with the ‘rider history form‘ allowing us to prepare for your arrival.
  • We discuss your particular needs.
  • We look at your movement patters and joint mobility off the bike.
  • On your bike
    • The position of your pedal cleats and knee alignment
    • Your saddle position
    • Finally your hand position.

The fit process is dynamic and looks at both sides of the rider on the bike.

You have the opportunity for feedback and questions during the entire process as we continue to look at your overall position on the bike.

The methods and tools employed are detailed throughout our site, but if you would like to chat through your personal situation and needs please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss how we can help you.

Cycling is a great activity, it may as well be comfortable too.


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