waterford fitmaster FAQ

What is it?

  • A fitting bike allowing the geometry of your bike or perhaps a bike you would like to consider purchasing, to be input allowing you to test the potential fit.


How does it work?

  • The Fitmaster simply replaces your bike in our normal process of fitting.
  • If you bike is available we would still prefer that you bring it with you if possible.
  • You benefit from being able to check that a chosen bike or bikes will fit you.


  • The Fitmaster has the following adjustments to allow the geometry and components to match to a bike of your choice;
    • Crank length, when purchasing a new bike it will often come with a stock crank length and it is important to know this is right for you, the ‘Purely Custom’ crank arms will adjust from 155mm to 185mm.
    • Crank
      • Seat tube angle
      • Saddle height
      • Saddle for aft adjustment
      • Top tube length adjustment
      • Head tube height adjustment
      • head tube angle adjustment
      • Stem length and angle adjustment. The Salsa will adjust from 55mm to 155mm in length and +/- 40 degrees.
      • Stem
      • Different bar widths
      • Different bar types


  • A report is provided to you at the end of the fit containing both;
    • Fit Dimensions
      • These provide the component measurements in relation to each other
    • X Y Co-ordinates
      • These offer the stack and reach measurements for the bike

Services offered

  • In conjunction with the physio bike fit we offer;
    • Fitting for the choice of bike size for a specific bike model
    • The option to check the suitability of more than one model of bike
    • The ideal measurements for your existing bike that you have left at a holiday home for example.

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