Saddle pressure monitoring FAQ


Can I use the test to buy a new saddle?

Yes, we have over 50 different shapes to test.

What does it give me?

An accurate measure of the pressure between you and the saddle.

Do you sell saddles?

No, we are here to help you find the best shape for you. We don’t just have saddles from manufacturers that will deal trade with us.

Can I bring my own saddle(s)?

Yes, within the specific session time we aim to test a minimum of 6 saddles of your choice.

Will you provide set up advice?

Yes, we will look at your overall movement patterns and make suggestions.

Can this be incorporated into a full Bike Fit?

Yes, by appointment.

Who else uses pressure mapping?

Cervelo have published their findings using the same system

How long does it take?

Just over an hour.

How does that help me?

You can find out in a short time if a saddle shape will work for you, rather than using the more common ‘trial and error’ technique of buying a saddle and riding it.

What do I need to bring?

Just your shoes, your pedals and your lycra.

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