What is Retül?

What to expect:

Retul Harness

  • Our Chartered Physiotherapist will assess your range joint motion, flexibility and individual biomechanics
  • On your bike we will perform a detailed analysis of your on bike position and movement from both sides
  • Any required changes will then be made
  • The analysis will then be repeated to assess the effectiveness of the changes
  • The ‘Zin’ too is then employed to accurately record the exact dimensions of  your bike (see the ‘Zin’ in action)
  • A final report is prepared and provided to you so you can apply this to other bikes.
  • Expect this to take about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.


Why use Fit-Me-Up:

  • The knowledge and experience of the Chartered Physiotherapist will help to explain your own physical needs and be able to listen to your individual issues
  • We employ the use of 3 separate leading edge technologies to provide you with what we believe to be the best synergy to help you achieve your fitness and cycling goals.
    • Retül, for fitting your bike to you.
    • WattBike, for pedalling technique and power assessment.
    • Bikefit for foot/pedal interface assessment.

We are all individuals, with human asymmetries being surprisingly common. Cycle frames are manufactured to very specific parameters for both the ease and the safety of the user. Although this does not necessitate a problem, it can cause issues and reduce the efficiency of the cyclist.

Retül is the system and related technologies that enable us to to adjust the parameters of the cycle to meet your individual requirements, this is the key that Retül offers you to unlock your greater cycling enjoyment and potential.

Using the 3D motion-capture technology in real time, we aim to provide you with the most efficient position on your bike to maximise your potential comfort and performance.


Retül is dynamic, rather than using traditional, static measurements to fit your bike around you the 3D motion-capture technology provides you with live feedback to you technique.

With the use of real time recording technology we are able to make changes and re-assess the efficacy of any changes made. We are also able to monitor the power output gained pre and post-fit, together with the all important feedback from you regarding how you feel on your bike.

The accurate placement of body markers is paramount when utilising this technology and we are pleased to utilise the detailed anatomical knowledge of our Chartered Physiotherapist to place these markers. This takes away the previously accepted margin for error with ‘manual methods’ and increases the understanding of how best to increase your comfort and reduce the risk of injury to you.

With the technology being employed the data generated is more objective than could have been previously achieved, that added to us not selling bikes or frames here ensures you receive the advice that is right for you. We believe that this is key when a new bike or frame can see you investing a great deal.

The 3-Dimensional nature of the technology employed not only reduces the time you are required to spend here with us, it increases the accuracy of any change as it is not just ‘observed’ in a single plane, as when traditional video capture technology is employed. In short, the accuracy of any changes can be immediately assessed by the motion capture system and felt by you.

Your individual biomechanics are accurately assessed and worked with. In conjunction with a history of any injuries you have experienced our fitter will establish the most suitable solution for your needs.

Your report will allow you to use the information gained during your visit to be applied to another bike of the same type, size and similar geometry.

To the fitting session, you will need to bring with you your bicycle, a set of appropriate cycling shoes and a set of shorts and short-sleeved top, this  would ideally be tight fitting to prevent any unwanted movement of the LED markers.

What are your personal cycling related goals?

We will help you achieve these through your fit and if required the use of the WattBike and Bikefit technologies.

Example goals we encounter are:

  • Increased comfort
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Increased speed / power output
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation from injury*
  • A combination of the above

Whatever your goals let us know and we will work with you, to help you achieve them.

*As a Chartered Physiotherapist Dean is happy to work with your health care professional and is not looking to treat you, rather to complement your treatment and help you through a smooth and hopefully faster return to the level of activity to which you aspire.

Issues addressed by a Bike Fit

Cycling equipment is generally symmetrical and fixed – it is therefore the body that inevitably has to yield and change in respond in the interface process. Asymmetry in our own bodies exacerbates this process. A Retül Bike Fit will take account of these asymmetries and adjust your bike contact points accordingly around you.

Ranges of motion
Particularly around hip/pelvis area considering the the use of your hip flexor and hamstring muscle groups – will affect fluidity of your pedalling motion, posture and muscle-recruitment patterns. Posture can affect muscle recruitment, comfort and efficiency, altering your bike around you can enhance your cycling experience.

As the level of your own personal condition can profoundly affect your ability to hold good cycling posture, transmit power and your overall stability of the pelvis as well as protecting the lower back from pain and injury while on your bike, this is another factor we consider.

Utilising a Wattbike analysis we can help build a picture of which muscles are being utilised in different sectors of the pedal-stroke.

Cleat position/foot/arch-shape
Perhaps the most important contact point between you and your bike for power and comfort – In cycling the leg’s kinetic chain is closed by the pelvis/saddle contact at one end and by the shoe/pedal interface at the other. For this reason we ask that you bring your regular cycling shoes with you.

Who should get a Retül Bike Fit?

Anyone who plans to ride a bike for any period of time should consider having their position assessed to ensure optimal efficiency, comfort and injury prevention.

All cyclists, no matter how long they have been riding or their ability, can improve their cycling biomechanics by having a thorough analysis.

There is a world of difference between a ‘Bike Size’ and a Bike Fit.

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