“Hi Dean, Just a quick note to say a big thanks for yesterday, really got a lot out of the bike fit session, and also found it really interesting talking to a professional like yourself with the biomechanics knowledge etc. Once again thanks for the time, great birthday present from my wife. New bike topic also approached and was well received. Anyway have a great Christmas and enjoy the cycling in Spain” Dec 2017

“Steady ride at the weekend in windy Norfolk. So had some efforts in there. Result = no back stiffness!!” Nov 2017

“Working with Dean on my recent bike fit was an absolute pleasure. He is passionate about cycling and helping people achieve optimal results. Having suffered for months with knee pain on an already existing injury, I went out on a 40 mile ride after my bike fit, and did not have any issues. Also he is a genuinely nice guy. Can’t recommend him enough!” Aug 2017

“Hi Dean, Hope you are well, I just wanted to say thank you, I did the Outlaw on Sunday (ironman equivalent) and it went really well. I wanted to do 12hrs and I did 11hrs 30mins! The success was largely down to a bike leg completed in 5hrs 53mins, but a bike leg which allowed me to run well off the bike, which was thanks to you. Roll on next year! Aiming for sub 11hrs! See you soon” July 2017

“Morning Dean. Hope all ok with you. I completed the L2P last weekend and I’m pleased to report that the more cycling we covered, the less pain I had in my back and knee. By the afternoon of the second day, I had virtually no pain and for the third day I was pain free and enjoyed a great ride into Paris! 450km later and a few tough hills, I completed the trip and really enjoyed riding in France.” July 2017

“Not sure if you remember me but you helped me back in May get my Giant Trinity in shape for Celtman. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help! I’m pleased to say I made it through the 202 km bike leg in great shape, despite the horrific gale force conditions and headwind gusts of up to 50 km/h in the final 40 km section.  I was able to stay aero and made good progress over the 7hrs and 21mins which give me enough time to make the final 18 km run over the Coulin pass and hit the 11 hour cut off to get my Blue T-shirt!! An overall improvement on 2015’s bike split of 44 minutes despite far worse weather!Once again, thank you so much and I look forward to arranging a visit to fix my roadie!” July 2017

“Won my first Triathlon yesterday mate in my age group thanks to you with the recent bike fit” July 2017

“Hi Dean, just a quick note to say thanks for the bike fit yesterday. I did an hour on the turbo last night without coming off the bars, which I have note been able to do before.” June 2017

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for last week. Managed to get the Giant out for a ride on Saturday and smashed a long standing PB by over 2 minutes! (In fact smashed a bunch of PB’s.) So it has definitely worked!” May 2017

“Just wanted to write and say thank you for what you did fitting my bike. I completed the ride from London to Bath yesterday, and getting fitted was a real turning point in my training. After resting up, I was able to train with no knee pain at all, and it didn’t even flare up on the ride yesterday despite 11.5 hours in the saddle! So, thank you – thought you’d like to know the fitting was a complete success 🙂 ” May 2017

“Following the bike fitting last week, I wanted to pass on my thanks to you for help and advice in helping me on the current bike … Your thoroughness and professionalism made the experience really excellent….thank you.” May 2017

“Thanks for all your advice and the bike fit which I’m sure will help me be more efficient on the bike.” March 2017

“Hi Dean. Just wanted to say thanks for the bike fit on Saturday. Race on Sunday went well.  2mins quicker than same race last year and 8th in AG which was plenty good enough to qualify for the Worlds had I been trying to do so.  Sets me up well for the Europeans in a few weeks’ time. Bike felt good.  Position was fine and no problems with the legs on the second run.  I’ll stick with it for now!” March 2017

“Hi Dean, Just a quick note to thank you for the Retul bike set up session we did the other Tuesday. Not only was the process interesting and enlightening, the outcomes and new set up of the bike has been great for me. Having been out a couple of times since our session I feel like I’m more connected to the bike and certainly more comfortable during and after my ride. It was great to meet you and I hope our paths cross again soon. ” Feb 2017

“Thanks very much for the fit on Saturday, we both found it extremely interesting and very beneficial, besides my bike it is the best cycling purchase I have made!” Jan 2017

“Hi Dean, I hope all’s well. Ages (years!) ago I’d said I write something – and failed! However, if its not too late…Thank you for two excellent bike fits. The first, soon after I took up cycling again in my late 40s, didn’t change my position radically but gave me the confidence to really push on in my training for Sportives, knowing that I was in a safe and strong position. You gave me lots of time and it was great to know you took into account my history of minor injuries, and the objective confirmation of the Retul system. One of the biggest helps were the insoles you recommended. My second fit was when I got a new bike, and was again excellent, and I should also say good value! I look forward to coming back soon as I plan to do more time trialling. ” Jan 2017

“Dean, I’m writing to wish to a Happy New Year and a very belated thank you. (for full testimonial please click here) Jan 2017

“I went out for a long ride last week and a couple of other shorter rides and already I think my neck and backside/hamstring are not as bad” Dec 2016

“Well I must say with the adjustments you made and the 100mm stem I’m feeling much better now and my elbows are definitely feeling better.” Dec 2016

“Hi Dean.Thanks for the very comprehensive bike fit last Thursday. I found it very interesting and very thorough. It’s also useful having the report. I am gradually building up the miles and have been for a couple of longish rides since the bike fit. The couple of ‘adjustments’ you made have helped” Nov 2016

“I had a bike fit with you and my Giant Defy 4 2010 XS bike on 6/6/15 then took your advice of getting compact bars. I am no longer injured!” Nov 2016

“Hi Dean. Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for yesterday’s session.It was great to meet you and I found our time together really interesting and informative.Thank’s for giving me the confidence that the bike is now set up perfectly” Sept 2016

“Hi Dean, Just thought I ought to let you know, your magic sticky pads have done it again – despite a brutal race last night, tonight I knocked 30 seconds off my 10 mile course PB and 6 seconds off lifetime PB (which was previously on a fast, straight, flat course) in the improved position – happy days!!!! Thanks again for your help” Sept 2016

“Hi Dean, Thanks for the fit last Monday. Just wanted to say the process and the final result was great. Great 100km ride this morning with many pbs and a more comfortable ride” August 2016

“Hi Dean, I would like to say how impressed I was with my bike fit session last Monday . I found the analysis extremely helpful and, on your recommendation, have bought a saddle. Just making me aware of my pedalling style and compensations has helped me know what to focus on.” August 2016

“Hi Dean. Hope all is well, just a note to say thank you for the fit and all the advice on cycling in general! Completed it no problem and now time to hit some mountains!”
July 2016

“Bike is awesome thank you so much!” June 2016

“I hope you are well, I visited you back in February for a bike fit (feeling so much better after!).” May 2016

“You conducted a bike fit for me 18 months ago. The riding is going well and thankfully have remained virtually injury free.” May 2016

“A big thank you for your advice and fitting the other week. My knee pain is disappearing rapidly and my cycling comfort and performance is increasing. I’ve done 4 rides of around 25-30 miles and hope to steadily increase this as summer approaches” April 2016

“I found the fit very informative and helpful and will certainly recommend you to my cycling friends” April 2016

“Thank you once again for the bike fit. You were quite informative and thorough and the little changes you made and suggested seem to be making all the difference. I have only managed to ride a couple of times since the fit due to family commitments but a 2 hour ride yesterday was rather comfortable. ” March 2016

“Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable fitting. I know I’m not Chris Froome but I did enjoy the science behind it all .” March 2016

“Dean was brilliant. Really Down to earth and explained everything so that it was easy to understand. First time I’ve had a bike fit but straight away after the adjustments things just felt a lot more comfortable. Will be my go to place for advice and further fits over the years” March 2016

“It’s the 1st time this season I have been out on the TT bike since coming to you for my bike fit and I just wanted to say how good the bike feels, there was no aches or niggles and I felt like my power was gong in the right direction on to the bike.” March 2016

“Hope you are keeping well, just to say I got the Madone I sent you, the Durace version and had it built to the spec you sent me!What a difference in bike! Absolutely love it and it’s so much better to ride!” March 2016

“Many thanks for your time yesterday. A really interesting investigation into my foot and knee pain and I now feel I have a much greater understanding of the root cause of the problem – which is the starting point of correcting the problem!” Feb 2016

“Hello Dean – I just wanted to thank you for all our help with my bike today. I’m really excited about the changes and looking forward to cycling more efficiently for one thing! Thanks also for putting up with all my comments / questions too. ” Jan 2016

“Thanks Dean for Saturday, I braved the freezing temps last night and found the bike more responsive, the road cleats more stable than the mtb ones and best of all no twinges today!  above that, the fit was an enjoyable experience and it was good to discuss motorbikes, cars and Rossi! Thanks again” Jan 2016

“Hi Dean hope you had a lovely trip, the numbers we did for my bike awhile back are working a treat have set both bikes to the numbers and riding is a lot better. Thanks again” Jan 2016

“Great to meet you last week – I thought the course was really good and well laid out (by far the best I’ve done in terms of learning bike fitting!!)” Nov 2015

“Brilliant meeting you yesterday, was a very useful session” Oct 2015

“thank you Dean. Excellent informative bike fit. Went for a quick 30km the next day, both strava and body like the tweaks you made!” Aug 2015

“thank you for my bike fitting this morning!! It was very cool and so interesting! Just been out for a ride and felt good” Aug 2015

“Just to let you know I did arrive home safely…it was interesting, in that I felt my glutes working.  No strain in the back and knees felt good.  Looking forward to riding without discomfort now!” Aug 2015

“30 min turbo last night, did the same workout 2 weeks ago, couldn’t stay down on the bike, unbelievably painful. This time, 30 mins no pain & no pain next day!” July 2015

“Just thought  would send you a quick email to let you know im getting on well with the bike fit you did for me. Staying in the drops in for longer is much easier, so thats one thing im really happy with. Knee pain is reduced, but need to keep up with the stretches but does appear to be improving” June 2015

“Just thought I would let you know that my race went really well. Took me 5:23 in total. Bike and saddle felt great!” June 2015

Couldn’t be happier with the results. Feeling comfortable, confident, and above all powerful on the bike! Thank you!” May 2015

“Thanks for this morning Dean, just had a quick blast of a 9.6 mile little TT loop I did a few weeks ago. 2 minutes quicker so under 30 minutes average 19.7mph so well pleased”    May 2015

“I had bike fitting in the past, however this was the first with Dean, and definitely not the last! As your body change and evolve through the years, your position and relation with the bike does too. In my previous fittings the technology used was the centre piece of the fitting, with Dean is YOU. to read more click HERE” May 2015

“Many thanks for yesterday, it was good to meet you for a very useful and constructive afternoon. It was fascinating to see the application of science through the technology and your expert knowledge as a physio. ” April 2015

“Dean is a super star! He’s professional, extremely skilled, knowledgeable on supporting injuries and has set my bike up in a manner where my power output has greatly improved. Roll on more QOM’s!” April 2015

@Fit_Me_Up first cycling TT since the bike fit & I’m flying! The new power score doesn’t lie! #genius #thankyou” April 2015

“Thank you for the very valuable bike fitting today, along with the exercises and shoe advice and cap advice and tool advice. I came away feeling strong and equipped and resourceful” April 2015

“Just like to say a huge thank you for the fitting and advice earlier. You do an extremely thorough job and have a ruddy good knowledge of all body parts and the way in which they’re supposed to move! I will gladly recommend you to all I meet (who need a bike fit)” March 2015

“Just some feedback for you – popped out for a quick 20 k on the day after the fit to see how things felt and it felt great – much more comfy!” March 2015

“I tried my bike out later and it was much better. Thank you for your help” March 2015

“I would like to say a very big thank you for your time and expertise with the bike fit yesterday. It was extremely interesting and very informative for both of us.” Feb 2015

“I need to thank you for your excellent bike fitting earlier in the year. It really made a difference to my knees and ability to get up hills. BMC replaced the faulty forks free of charge after you discovered the crack in the top. I hate to think what could have happened with a catastrophic failure with me riding!  I’m currently recommending you to everyone I meet.” Dec 2014

“I’ve been to see Dean twice, Once for a bike fit and once for a saddle fit. I’ve found Dean to be knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and everything that makes someone utterly professional. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dean.” Nov 2014

“Thanks so much for the bike fit last week. So interesting to learn about how a few tweaks can completely change how I ride!” Oct 2014

“The TT bike feels so much better, what a difference, thanks so much for your help.Also, just to let you know, I won the TT!” Oct 2014

#ff @Fit_Me_Up #Herts #cyclists should visit Dean, great service to help you reach your goals, maximising output whilst reducing injury” Oct 2014

“It’s been a while since my race but thought I would let you know how I got on regardless. I made a lot of time up on the bike and thank you for the fitting of my BMC TMR01! My total time was 10:35:17 so I managed to go quicker than last time.” Sept 2014

“Just wanted to feed back and give my thanks for your help with the bike fit – since I changed the saddle in June, I’ve not had a single pain in my knee, even after rides of up to 126 miles, so the fitting was well worth the money! My goal for the summer was to achieve a good time on Ride London – this was slightly undermined by the disgraceful weather and 3 punctures, so my official time got bumped up an hour to 5.5hours, but otherwise I would have been pretty happy with it – great day out…The icing on the cake has been winning the club 10 TT handicap league (http://pictureyourselfthere.typepad.com/files/northfield.pdf), which was an unexpected bonus – looking forward to next year’s goal of a Paris-Nice trip at the end of the Summer…” Sept 2014

“Just to say a big thank you for the fit session yesterday, I found it really insightful and I am sure it will really help in my riding & training. It has definitely given me more confidence that I am set up right which is great.” Sept 2014

“Did the herts 100km on Sunday ,- can honestly say most comfortable I’ve ever felt on a bike – many thanks once again and definitely worth it.” Aug 2014

“I have had fits before, but Dean’s fits are of a different level. Dean made me feel relaxed and reassured at every stage of the fit. He straight away recognised my lack of flexibility and rather then advise me to do a few stretches, he showed me exactly how it was effecting my bike position and how I could improve it. (It was a tt fit so flexibility is an issue). Dean’s suggestions meant that this year I achieved two PB’s! I used to suffer badly with cramps but now if I follow the stretches Dean suggested I can repeatedly race at a high tempo with no worries. If you cycle regularly get a fit, if you want to cycle well regularly go and see Dean!” August 2014

“I had a great first weekend back on the bike and felt very comfortable as well as having my quads more engaged in my stroke.” July 2014

“Hi Dean, A massive thankyou for my evening fit, It has made a huge difference to my training and cycling,I now want a better bike!! will be speaking to you soon.” July 2014

“Hi Dean just to let you know that my bike felt great last night.  Also I haven’t got the overworked feeling in my knees and legs don’t feel as tired. ” July 2014

“You gave me a great bike fit last August, having only taken up cycling in the Spring – which enabled me to achieve my goals last year of 100 miles and a 10 mile TT in under 30 minutes. Thank you!” July 2014

“Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for the bike fit, it has made a great difference! No more knee and shoulder pain and I rode London to Brighton yesterday with an average of 16mph, my general averages for half that distance have been around 15 so its made a massive difference! When I upgrade my bike in a year or so (new baby soon so all money goes there first!) I’ll come for another fit.” June 2014

“Dean was recommended to me as someone who could make a difference to my comfort on my bike. I came the attitude with “is it me or the bike that needs fixing?”. Dean sorted out the bike and gave me a few tips on sorting myself out as well!

Dean carefully and thoroughly took me through a 2.5 hour journey that has taken quite aggressive pain in my back to a gentle stiffness and given me the know-how and confidence to make it better still.

The combination of data science combined with Dean’s physio background and his own passion for cycling is a powerful mixture for anyone who wants to improve performance, comfort and confidence on their bike.” June 2014

“Many thanks for the bike fit you did for me a couple of weeks ago.  I have now competed in 2 triathlons since the bike fit and am very pleased with the results.  I am both faster and more efficient (legs have more to give on the run) and am pleased to say that I am pain free as well.  There may well be a few other from our Tri club getting in touch with you for a fit.” June 2014

“Hello Dean,just a quick note to let you know how I got on Sunday.I’m very pleased with my time of 4:58:05, with a bike time of 2:36:00,not going to break any records,but it’s good for me.I was 10th in my age group and 126th out of 1083 over all.Thanks for the bike fit,my feet were fine and that made the run a lot easier” June 2014

“I cannot imagine anyone being as thorough, knowledgeable and professional as Dean.  My only regret is not going to him sooner.  If I had I’m sure I would be cycling now rather than having knee physiotherapy.” May 2014

“I have been meaning to email you for a while to say thanks for my bike fit. Some great advice given (I will get round to sorting my hip out!) and it does feel a more natural position. Between Keith and yourself I probably saved the price of a new reasonable carbon bike but when I am after one I know who I’ll call first and where I’ll get my fit. Please pass on my thanks to him. Also, as mentioned during my fit, I did a Strava time for Sa Calobra. I crawled up it last year in about an hour and was looking to do sub 50 mins this year, it ended up being 42.27.  Sub 40 next year!” May 2014

“I just wanted to drop you a really quick note – firstly hope you’re continuing to mend! Secondly, I wanted to say a big thank you for the adjustments to the bike on Friday. I rode for 18 miles on Sunday, and 45 miles on Monday. No issues at all with my elbows, or more importantly by knees. Hamstrings are a little on the tight side, but that should hopefully be sorted with a sports massage etc. Only issues I’ve had is sunburn!” May 2014

“Cannot praise Dean highly enough, he provides a great, honest, knowledgeable, fitting service based on your needs. He’s fully qualified and not just some bloke who rides a bit and thinks that’s how high your saddle should be, he uses the latest technology, shows you the numbers live during the fit on screen while your still on your bike including the tolerances so you know your not being fed a line. If your bike and kit aren’t suitable because the douche in the local bike shop sold you his last season stock he’s going to tell you so be prepared. He’s the kinda bloke that lives and breathes his job, so if your kit doesn’t work for you, you may just walk away not having been fitted. Personally I’d rather be told I had a kit issue than pay to get a poor fit and find out I’ve got a niggle weeks later because of it. Bike fits aren’t cheap, but with service like this, its worth every penny. Think of it as an investment rather than an expense !!!” April 2014

“Just to say thank you for the session today, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and most importantly can’t wait to get riding again.” March 2014

“Hello Dean. Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent Retul bikefit I had with you a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been out a few times now and firstly it hasn’t taken too long to adjust to the new riding position and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in all my aches and pains! No more aching in my knees, reduced saddle soreness and less numbness in my hands. I think your knowledge and expertise as a physiotherapist really helped particularly with someone like me who has a few joint issues! I’ve been singing your praises to my fellow club cyclists and patients and hope they will come to see you.” March 2014

“2 hours hill repeats today only five days after the fit. Pain free! I can’t express the blessing that is to me. It’s not the pain itself that has me worried but the thought of a lost season… Bryan deserves credit too (and so do l for addressing a problem early by going to professionals 🙂 Dean, would a customer testimonial benefit you?” November 2013

“Dean can be easily described as someone who “talks the talk and walks the walk”. Rarely do you meet someone with such a passion for his sport and his continued thirst for knowledge is reflected in the immpeccable service he offers to his clients. I’ve been involved in Endurance sports for over 12 years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dean for anyone from beginner to Elite.” September 30, 2011

“Bike ride yesterday after my @Fit_Me_Up. Fixed my back, cramps and balance issues. A proper bike fit is worth it’s weight in carbon!” July 2013

“Firstly, thank you for the bike fit yesterday, I cannot believe I had been riding with my position so out for so long!  I was impressed with the level of detail and attention forwarded to myself & must admit I came away impressed with your service & the Retul bike fit process in general. During my post fit ride, my pedal stroke felt fluid, and although initially strange, I soon felt comfortable with my new position on the bike.  My only regret was that I’d left it far too long before having this done!” June 2013

“Couldn’t recommend Dean Taylor enough , hes extensive understanding & superb people skills make “fit me up” worth a visit for anyone who has a bike , i`ll be booking in again soon” September 29, 2011

“Simply that fitting me properly to the bike transformed both performance and pleasure – it seems to be a really important aspect of cycling.” July 2013

“Having moved from being a recreational mtb/road cyclist into endurance cycling and ironman distance events over the past five years, Dean’s expertise, knowledge and help has been invaluable. The difference he has made to performance is well worth the investment – even a simple fitting has increased efficiency, speed and, importantly, minimized injuries that have niggled over the last 12 months. Couldn’t recommend more.”  November 12,2011

“Had a great weekend thank you. The bike feels fabulous.” July 2013

“I went to Dean to have my Metabolic Profile test. As a personal trainer myself I was interested to find out more. I found Dean to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. My results were really useful for my own training and I will also suggest my clients have the test done as it is such a useful tool for ensuring you are working at a safe but efficient heart rate whether you want to lose weight or improve performance/fitness. The cardio sessions it sets you are specific to the individuals test results and how often you train. Very useful. I would recommend this test and Dean to anyone who cares about their health and their exercise.” August 25, 2011

“I have been for two rides since the fit on Friday and I am very pleased with the results, 25 miles with only a couple of twinges in the right knee. I can generate more power on climbs and push a cog higher on the flat, whilst being more comfortable in the saddle!!” June 2013

“Dean. Many thanks. Set up feels good!” May 2013

“Just an update on my progress following the insole fit i had with you. I have found them to be very comfortable and my feet feel good in them. My knee pain has reduced, significantly.” May 2013

“The bike was excellent, I was very thankful of the compact chain set and the 12 – 30 rear cassette.  The fit was also excellent, my feet were good as was my back.” June 2013

“My ride was fantastic, my bike felt completely different! So much easier.” May 2013



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