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get aero

We are proud to partner with our friends from New Zealand, Velogicfit to bring 3D Aero to the UK. 3D Aero utilises a Microsoft Kinect camera to automatically measure the frontal area of a rider.

Would you like to enhance your aero bike position, gain a faster bike split, try out some new parts or just go faster on the Club TT ?

With the use of dynamic frontal area measurement it is possible to provide realtime feedback on position aerodynamics. using this it is possible to estimate the expected time improvement or energy saving for a given distance.

The system generates the real time data to help maximise TT efforts with the following features:

  • Average FA for a user defined time period.
  • User defined Cd applied to give a calculated CdA.
  • Power measured and averaged via ANT+.
  • Adjustments noted for each calculation.
  • Displayed changes in power/time for a given distance.

3D Aero removes the guesswork about fine position details during an aero specific fit Which head position is fastest?

  • Does rounding your shoulders help?
  • Are narrow elbows better for you?
  • Are you more ‘aero’ in the drops or on the hoods with the elbows low?

Additional benefits include

  • Measurement of power alterations with position changes.
  • Improve your understanding of the performance impact of position and how to develop fast race day strategies.
  • Free speed..?

Virtual Wind Tunnel using Dynamic Frontal Area Measurement    

For further information please contact Dean

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