Using the skills gained from becoming a certified Clinical Bikefit Pro Fitter as shown on the Bikefit directory.

We have been able to add a further dimension to the bike fitting experience, with the use of  Laser Alignment.

The purpose of this is to provide as stable a platform as possible for the rider to impart effort through.

An unstable pedaling platform can lead to knee pain and possible injury, as illustrated in the below Bikefit illustrations.

Pushing from an Unstable Platform

Pushing from a Stable Platform










Uneven pressure can also lead to foot discomfort or numbness in the shoe, as shown in the Bikefit illustrations below.

Uneven pressure distribution can lead to a ‘Hot Spot’

With pressure distributed more evenly


To help reduce this, we examine the rider and their feet prior to turning a pedal, this is followed by the on bike analysis.



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