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Using skills gained from the experience of a Chartered physiotherapist that spans 3 decades and the tools provided by Retül Bike Fitting and BikeFit, where Dean Teaches BikeFit alongside Paul Swift, being the sole Chartered Physiotherapist Certified by both Retül, as a Certified Master Fitter and Bikefit Dean is uniquely placed to help you, having worked with World Champions and beginners alike. 

We are based in the county town of Hertford with easy parking close by and close to London.

Our fitting area is private and equipped to meet your specific needs.

Why use fit me up?

  • The knowledge and experience of the Chartered Physiotherapist will help to explain your own physical needs and be able to listen to your individual issues
  • We employ the use of 3 separate leading edge technologies to provide you with what we believe to be the best synergy to help you achieve your fitness and cycling goals.
    • Retül, for fitting your bike to you.
    • WattBike, for pedalling technique and power assessment.
    • Bikefit for foot/pedal interface assessment.

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