How long does it take?

A full dynamic bike fit will take around 2 1/2 hours as you are examined prior to the fit and then on the bike, please make sure you can be here for 3 hours to avoid rushing.

What should I bring with me?

Your Bike

Your cycling Shoes

Your close fitting cycling clothing, the better fitting your clothing, the more accurate the fit.

If you have any neck issues, it may also be beneficial to bring your cycling helmet.

Do you have any testimonials?

Yes please click here to read them

What can I expect?

You will be greeted in private environment to carryout your fit.

After a discussion of your needs and any specific questions, a brief examination of your overall flexibility will be carried out (with your cycling clothing on). This includes simple movements and some basic measurements.

We will look at your shoes and cleats and discuss wear on these and your pedals.

Once on your bike an HD video is taken so that we are able to look at your position together.

Additional video may also be taken to assess your position from different angles.

The position of your cleats is checked using a laser as a guide, this is done from the side and the front as required.

After any required adjustments are made to your cleats, the Retul wireless harness is attached to you to allow dynamic measurement of your cycling position.

This is carried out for both sides of your body and the results discussed.

Once the results are discussed, any appropriate adjustments are made and the Retul dynamic measurement is repeated.

You will be on your bike for up to 90 minutes with adjustments being made to your bike with the aim of achieving a comfortable and neutral fit.

Once you are comfortable, your bike is measured and you are provided with these measurements and your reports.

Importantly your are encouraged to provide feedback throughout the session and ask any questions that you have to increase your understanding of the process.

Do I need my own bike?

No we use the Waterford Fitmaster to perform the same fit process for you if you are thinking of purchasing a new bike. For details please see here.

Where are you?

Fit Me Up is located in the county town of Hertford

Do you have parking?

No, we are fortunate enough to enjoy extensive parking close by and are very happy to meet you to take your cycle from you while you park.

Why Fit Me Up?

Dean is a Chartered Physiotherapist working purely with cycle fitting, 20 years of experience allows  Dean to explain the process and the muscles involved in the fit… and I am Certified by BOTH Retul as a Master Fitter & BikeFit as an Instructor and Clinical Pro Fitter.

What will it cost?

The ‘basic’ Retul bike fit is currently priced from £145 for the session. If you require additional equipment such as cleat ‘wedges’ (£2.50 each), these are all priced separately and will be your choice to purchase. We are here to fit you not sell to you.

What services do you offer?

We are here to assess your bike position and make adjustments and recommendations to you regarding your bike and your technique. We have various tools at our disposal including, Retul, Bikefit, Gebiomized and ‘RAD’. We also mould custom Sidas Footbeds.

What if I have something specific I want to discuss with you?

Just give Dean a call on 01992 507901 or email Dean

Do you sell bikes?

No, we aim to fit your bike to you or suggest an alternative, we are not here to sell you a bike.

Do you offer treatment?

No, we are pleased to work with your local therapist and recommend where necessary. That way you gain a second opinion on your specific injury, if you have one.

Do you offer a multi-bike discount?

Yes, for the same style of bike, but not for two different bike styles as the time required to set up two different styles of bikes is the same as single bike in general.

To discuss this please do contact us

Is it a one off session?

Fitting your bike is a highly personal thing. We always discuss your individual requirements and how best to meet them. The purpose of the initial session is gain a neutral and comfy fit for you to enjoy.






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